Mafia Hierarchy

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Mafia Hierarchy

Post  Daniella Catania on Mon Oct 20, 2008 6:55 pm

Mafia Hierarchy
Consigliere--confidant to the boss. Expected to give sound and unbiased advice.
Capo--heads a crew of "Soldiers/Assassins" and reports directly to the boss or underboss.
Associates--people who are not in the mafia but do business with the family.
Cugines--Italian newcomers who have yet to be made.
Soldiers/Assassin--where members start before they prove themselves. They do most of the "dirty work".

The Big Bosses
Jumpy Monica Mancini- Boss
Razor Blade Daniella- Underboss

Interrogation & Disposal
Monkey Shines Fionda-Head of I&D

The Consiglieres
Dani Bruno- Consigliere

The Bodyguards
Marta Rizzo- Head bodyguard & Confidant
Jackie the Wolf-Bodyguard, Second in Command
Alice Bruno- Bodyguard
Alejandro- Bodyguard

The Assassins
Lidia Tagliano- Co-Capo Head of Assassins
Nikki Costanza- Co-Capo Head of Assassins
Monica DiMarco- Second in Command Assassin
Scorpius X Mancini- Assassin
Adden DiMarco- Assassin
Nina Giamatti- Assassin

The Cugines

NOTE: Assassins are now full!!!! If you had this position on OAL, talk to me through PM about it, please!! ~ Rizzo M

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