Marta Rizzo, Head Bodyguard

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Marta Rizzo, Head Bodyguard

Post  Rizzo on Thu Nov 06, 2008 7:00 pm

- Mafia Name: Marta Rizzo Mancini
- Weapon: Sword, specially made to pierce through any skin. (IE- human, vampire, or werewolf. Yeah, beware! Razz)
- House: Castle in Norway
- Country: Originally from USA. Now in Norway with the family.
- Car: Blue Porsche 911 Turbo, black interior. Oh, yeah! Razz
- Position: Head Bodyguard.
- Other: Mrs. Scorpius X Mancini!! Wink Widowed. Daughter: Pandora Riley.
- Vamp Power: Control of Wind and Water. Side Affect: Able to feel the emotions coming off of people, almost like auras.

Anything else you wanna know?
PM me, or ask here. See you around the house!
I'll be watching... Suspect

EDIT: Updated June 10th. ^^;

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