The Rules of the Rooms

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The Rules of the Rooms Empty The Rules of the Rooms

Post  Jumpy on Sun Dec 14, 2008 7:53 pm


This is the second floor. It houses our private rooms.
Not everyone gets a room though.
We're not going to waste a room, on someone who won't ever post.
So please send a pm to Daniella or myself requesting a room.
If we feel that you will post in your room, that it is needed, then you will be granted access. If not you may not have one. Don't argue about it.

A few simple rules:
  • 1. Stay in your own Room. Do not go into another person's room unless you have permission.

  • 2. If you want to post decor, please only post thumbnail links and ALWAYS post the code.

  • 3. Remember to post sexual content in spoiler boxes.

-until the end: Jumpy

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