The Attic's Rules

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The Attic's Rules

Post  Rizzo on Wed Apr 22, 2009 10:12 am

The rules of the attic are simple, of course. But there are still rules, as with any other area of the house!

    - You can't be in the attic and on the first floor at the same time, naturally.
    - The attic is pretty big, it doesn't have many rooms to divide it up, just as an FYI!
    - Try not to stomp or be too loud when you're up here. There are rooms downstairs, and I'm sure the people in them wouldn't appreciate all the noise!
    - The attic has not been used by the family since we moved here, so none of us are really sure what's up here. Please be careful!
    - Along with the other stomping rule, it might be easy to fall through the ceiling, just like with any other attic! So again, be careful!

Thanks guys! Very Happy
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